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What Makes Luxury Candles so Luxurious?

For centuries, candles were mostly used as a source of light then they soon became staples in ceremonies and celebrations in various cultures. In the modern era, they joined the realm of home décor making owning a luxury scented candle a must-have accessory in your home.

Using luxury candles is not only a powerful way to create different moods but also an easy and instant way to accent your interior. And to get the best luxury scented candles, car scents, and home scents, shop at Anabela’s Scent online store and get them at pocket-friendly prices. So, what makes a luxury candle so luxurious?

  • The Price

While any candle can burn and provide an aroma, a premium scented candle can cost three to four times as much as a normal candle. This is due to the fact that they are manufactured with the greatest perfumes, a combination of high-quality wax, and come in some form of elegant packaging for a stunning presentation.

  • The Luxurious Scent

When it comes to luxury scented candles, you can have a great scent that lasts for the full burn time of the candle. Candles are meant to engage the senses as they burn; not only your sense of smell but also sight and touch too. From evoking memories to setting a certain tone, luxury scented candles create a multi-sensory experience thus making them luxurious.

  • Candle Wax

Luxury candles are made with different types of wax and selecting a premier wax is an important aspect of the overall luxury candle experience. Normal candles are mostly made with waxes from soy, vegetable waxes, beeswax, and coconut wax. However, luxury scented candles are made with paraffin wax, which is used in making high-quality luxury candle brands.

  • Superior Materials

In many ways, a luxury scented candle is determined by the materials used and the way it is crafted. Another reason why luxury candles are so luxurious is because of the superior materials used in making them. Most of them are made from natural blend waxes that are free from paraffin and other harmful chemicals. Blending the materials properly is what makes the wax and the fragrance burn together in a luxury scented candle.


To get the best home luxury scents and candles, shop at Anabela’s Scent and shop for some of the highest quality, long-lasting, and most affordable luxury candles. We offer the quality scents that you are looking for! Visit us today, after all, doesn’t everyone deserve a little something that luxurious?

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