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About Anabela's Scents

The name Anabela is in memory of my sister that passed away as an infant. We have always wanted to honor her name and memory thru our own art. I believe that every time a candle is lit, that's a way of spreading her light that was dimmed too early. 

The scoop on Anabela's Scents

Anabela's Scents is a family owned candle company business located in Lawton, Oklahoma. My husband and I are both Army retirees with over 40 years of military service. One day I was thinking at the transition center wondering what the next chapter is going to look like, so I decided to jump into making candles. Our home always has either a candle lit or a few wax warmers on at all times because our belief is a home is not fully clean until you light a candle.

Anabela's Scents journey started with the joy of relaxing in a scent-filled house whenever we lit candles. We were a bit frustrated with the candles on the market due to little or no aroma. As a result of our love to burn candles, the flame was ignited to create high quality products with an affordable price tag.

The vision for the company is to provide quality, simple ingredient products that are good for you. 

Every scent matters!